This trio/solo dance explores the idea of the passing of a moment. The moment itself may not necessarily be significant or dramatic and only becomes so when significance or drama is assigned to it. The unison prepares itself to experience something, anything, notices it pass and reflects. Simple really.

“Liz Roche’s Shared Material on Dying opened that spotlight [on the performer as a conduit of ideas], both literally and metaphorically….. It was at once elegant, strong and sad, but still offered a meditative sense of hope.”
Micheal Seaver, The Irish Times 7th May 2008

Choreography Liz Roche
Lighting John Jasperse
Dancers: Jenny Roche, Liz Roche, Katherine O’Malley
This piece was made with the support of the Dublin Dance Festival, the Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland and Culture Ireland.


Liz began work on this piece during her residence at the Centre Culturel Irelandais. She was familiar with the song “I can’t make it alone” for a long period, and discovered the 1969 Dusty Springfield version. The works draws both on the song’s existence as a multiply-covered song, looking at ideas of reinvention as opposed to originality, and on the lyrics’ concept of vulnerability within love. The piece features a cast of seven stunning foreign and homegrown contemporary dancers, and Liz has collaborated with renowned opera and theatre designer Joe Vanek, international lighting designer/filmmaker Morleigh Steinberg and the up and coming composer David Turpin. In a world of clutter and complication, the performers struggle to find stable ground in an intensely changeable and evolving framework, propelled forward by a series of cover versions of “I Can’t Make It Alone”.

The piece has been developed with the support of Le Centre National De La Danse, Paris, Culture Ireland, The Arts Council, Atelier de Paris and Dublin City Council.

“I Can’t Make It Alone” premiered at Project Main Space, Dublin December 5th – 15th 2007 followed by a tour of Ireland, including performances in Galway, Letterkenny, Roscommon, Longford, Waterford and Wicklow.

Choreographer Liz Roche
Lighting Morleigh Steinberg
Costume Jean Conolly & Liz Roche
Composer David Turpin
Set Joe Vanek
Cast - Jazmin Chiodi, Philip Connaughton, Justine Doswell, Stephane Hisler, Robert Jackson, Grant Mclay & Rionach Ni Neill.

Cross Purposes explores what happens when the body is at “cross purposes” with itself within a framework of being overwhelmed with information and instruction. The purpose is to send the body into a trance-like state of unconscious competence whereby the performer is aware of the complexity and speed at which they are moving but do not have time physically to process their experience while in motion.

“Roche weaves these concepts into her work with a seductiveness and guile that leaves you saying:” Hang on. Do that again.. Impressively articulate dance.” - The Irish Times

Choreography Liz Roche
Composition Denis Roche
Lighting Paul Keogan
Dancers: Lisa McLoughlin, Philip Connaughton, Abhilash Ningappa, Jazmin Chiodi, John Hurley, Cliodhna Hoey, Katherine O’Malley, Jenny Roche.
Performed & Duration: Dublin Fringe Festival 2006 Main Space Project - September 2006 | 40 minutes

This duo explores an already existing movement language that has been developed between the dancers and choreographer over many years. Nothing as such is new but when re-made an original meaning is created. The two dancers exist in half a stage, lit by the existing stage architecture. They are transfixed, as if remembering throughout.

Choreography: Liz Roche
Music: Denis Roche
Lighting design: Paul Keogan
Dancers: Jenny Roche, Katherine O’Malley
Premiere & Duration: Dublin Fringe Festival 2006 Main Space Project - September 2006 | 25 minutes

Conceived and created by choreographer Liz Roche in collaboration with landscape designer Jim Bloxam the “All Weather Project” is a unique performance installation experience. The garden invites members of the public to come and experience this natural setting and encounter a series of solo dance performances inspired by the immediate experiences of performing in nature.

Concept & choreography: Liz Roche
Landscape Designer: Jim Bloxam
Performers: Jenny Roche (IRL), Jazmin Chiodi (ARG), Lisa McLoughlin (IRL), Nicola Curry (NI), Katherine O’Malley (IRL).
Construction: Theatre Production Services
Photography: William O'Brien
This project is made possible by support from the Arts Council, Project Arts Centre and the Docklands Festival.

Sweet Apollo, a new dance piece by award winning choreographer and Artistic Director Liz Roche. Sweet Apollo is inspired by the 1928 Stravinsky/Balanchine ballet “Apollo”, which tells the story of the Greek god Apollo; his birth, his encounters with Muses of poetry, mime and dance and his ascendance as a god. Exploring myth and memory, the dancers in Sweet Apollo inhabit various modern landscapes and eras within the piece creating an evocative, intimate and intensely energetic performance.

Wonderfully danced by a cast of four with a driving original sound score which features music from the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Maria McKee and original artwork by Brian Hogan from Kila, Sweet Apollo is an innovative and compelling night of dance filled with moments of exuberance and delight.

Choreography & Concept: Liz Roche
Dancers: Karl Sullivan, Lisa McLoughlin, Justine Doswell, Katherine O’Malley
Original Music: David Turpin | Costumes: Therese McKeon | Lighting: Nick McCall| Artwork: Brian Hogan
Premiered Jan 2006 The Cube, Dublin / toured nationally Feb 2006

Commissioned by International Dance Festival Ireland with the support of the Arts Council, Culture 2000 Program of the EU within the framework of danceWEB-Europe. In the 2002 festival Irish choreographer Liz Roche commenced an open-ended period of research and development under the expert mentorship of internationally acclaimed British choreographer, Rosemary Butcher. Two years on, this careful choreographic journey culminated in the presentation of a new work for six dancers entitled “Resuscitate”. Having evolved out of a solo investigation, this piece structured in three movements, maintains a certain intimacy as it focuses on trios, duets and solos within a confined space. Created as a work equally suited to theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, audience seating is unusually configured for this work thereby deliberately making both the audience and the performer integral to the piece.

Choreography Liz Roche
Composition Denis Roche
Set and Costume Design Joe Vanek
Lighting Peter Kanneberger
Set Construction Theatre Production Services
Dancers Grant McLay, Jenny Roche, Lisa McLoughlin, Robert Jackson, Katherine O’Malley, and Liz Roche.
Premiere & Duration: International Dance Festival Ireland May 10th 2004 @ Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin | 55 minutes.

Exploring themes of strength, survival and perseverance, Bread and Circus casts the dancer as gladiator enduring gruelling and dangerous trials for the entertainment and pacification of the populus. Using a vocabulary that explores images of violence, collapse and exhaustion, the piece speculates on the links between the Imperial Roman arena and the contemporary performance space.

'Admirably physical, disturbing and absorbing' - The Sunday Tribune June 2003


Choreography: Liz Roche, Dramaturg: Gavin Quinn
Music: Denis Roche
Lighting design: Morleigh Steinberg
Costume: Sinéad Cuthbert
Dancers: Jenny Roche, Grant McLay, Katherine O'Malley, Lisa McLoughlin, Robert Jackson, Justine Doswell and James Hosty
Performed & Duration: Project Theatre, Dublin | 60 mins
Grant aided by Arts Council of Ireland/An Chomhairle Ealaion and Project Theatre, Dublin City/Baile Atha Claith

Beginning in the atrium of the Gallery and travelling throughout the building, this double bill carries its audience with it like a comets tail. The duet, a study in touch, sensitivity and aggression focuses on a dysfunctional relationship in which both people have forgotten themselves. The trio is an exploration into awareness and cyclical timing, which questions where a thought begins and ends.

Choreography: Liz Roche
Music: Denis Roche, Squarepusher
Dancers: Duet: Grant McLay, Liz Roche - Trio: Jenny Roche, Katherine O_Malley, Robert Jackson.
Performed: The National Gallery of Ireland
Duration: Duet 20 minutes. Trio 12 minutes. Supported by The Bonnie Bird UK New Choreography Award, ESB Dublin Fringe Festival and icd Cork.

Celebrated New York based dancer and choreographer Jodi Melnick is continuing her association with the company and presented her quirky and instinctive new piece “Suedehead” in the Great Hall in IMMA 29th February – 2nd March 2008. This is a dance for four people formed of individual solos, intersecting, intertwining, and invading one another. Working with experienced and familiar dancers Liz Roche, Justine Doswell, Grant McLay and Jenny Roche, Jodi has written this new work:
“The coming and going. What it is to be coming and going at the same time. Subtle, Sometimes bold, gestural movements that define as well as break the moments to show how transitions are not always important or available. I started this work process with nothing, knowing nothing any more, and with everything being gone, so the work process had a newness, an openness to the performers and their beautiful, jarring, one step at a time, bird by bird. It has to be like that.”


Choreography Jodi Melnick
Dancers Liz Roche, Justine Doswell, Grant McLay and Jenny Roche
Composer Denis Roche
Lighting Designer Sinead Wallace

"Performance work as film - a visual performance"
Rosemary Butcher has worked closely with lighting designer Charles Balfour, film maker Rob Rae from Why Not Associates London and the company directors Jenny and Liz Roche to create a new performance piece.
Incorporating text from the recorded poetry of American poet Robert Lax the piece premiered on August 16th 2005 at Project Arts Centre's Main Space.
The piece has been described as "hypnotic, uncompromising and challenging."
This work was commissioned by the company with the assistance of a commission award from the Arts Council.

Collaboration between the company and The National Ballet of China commissioned by the China Ireland Cultural Exchange 2004. The result of a six week project initiated by the China Ireland Cultural Exchange in which Liz Roche working with the company dancers Jenny Roche, Grant McLay, Lisa McLoughlin and Katherine O’Malley and 6 classical dancers from the National Ballet of China, created a full length contemporary dance piece entitled Catalyst.


The company spent six weeks in Beijing in early 2004 working closely with the dancers, design teams and production staff of the National ballet of China. This collaboration was a significant exchange between these two cultures, China and Ireland as well as classical and contemporary dance, in which both parties rose to the challenge admirably. The finished piece Catalyst engaged with highly physical and repetitive energy exploring themes of individuality, structure and chaos interacting with projected filmed footage devised and produced by Paul O’Connor of Judo Design.

Choreography Liz Roche | Composition Denis Roche | Costume Design: Liz Roche, He Xiaoxin | Lighting Paul Keogan
Set Construction: Theatre Production Services
Dancers: Grant McLay, Jin Jia, Jenny Roche, Liu Zhiyin, Sun Yuanna, Lisa McLoughlin, Hao Bin, Hu Dayong, Katherine O’Malley and Lu Liang.
Duration 60 minutes
Premiere: 25th May 2004 The Great Hall of the Minorities, Beijing, China.



A collaboration and co-production with Maiden Voyage, the piece explores the five senses through an organised chaos of instinctual movement, live painted images and designed sound.

First performed in February and March 2002 at the Lyric Theatre Belfast, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh and Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick. Supported by the National Lottery Fund through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and An Chomhairle Ealaion.


Choreography: Liz Roche
Composer: Dennis Roche
Performers: Nicola Curry, Anne Gilpin, Catherine O'Malley, Liz Roche, Jenny Roche
Lighting Design: Conleth White
Set Design & Artist: Sabine Dargent
Costume: Orlaith Cullinane
Photography & Video Production: Third Source Media
Duration: 55 mins


Choreography by Liz Roche
Blush - a piece originally created by Liz Roche for Scottish Dance Theatre (Peter Darrell Choreographic Award 2000).
"Although more used to playing outdoors in Temple Bar, the young company score considerable theatrical kudos in staging two rather mysterious pieces of contemporary dance, collectively titled Blush........

...Supposedly inspired by Fauvist painters, it starts and finishes with a dramatic, red-against-blue image of a doll-like ballerina, revealed by the opening of back-curtains so vast they make the dancers resemble music-box miniatures.
Despite the constant flurries of movement, the dancers seem to battle against inertia, huddling into sleepy piles, until the pinching games begin, and they pull each other into drowsy wrestling, lifting, rolling, pulling, pushing and trading weight. There is something gently hypnotic and oddly affecting about the images: the woman disturbed while her male partner sleeps; a beautifully sticky sexual encounter; two women dancers coming downstage into white light with their arms outstretched and calmly regarding the audience, before being forced down by other dancers"