Body and Forgetting - Liv O'Donoghue




Atmospheric. Evocative. Haunting....

Body and Forgetting is a powerful dance performance that brings together the work of choreographer Liz Roche and film maker Alan Gilsenan, with a live score by Denis Roche.

Inspired by the writings of Milan Kundera, Liz Roche Company's remarkable dancers find their way through delicately woven circumstances of disappearance, loss, relationship and hope. Their attempts to hold fast to memories and objects of meaning is at the heart of this work.


The live performers move in dialogue with filmed versions of their dancing selves. They re-write their histories, make better endings to their stories, say what they regret not having said. These filmed reflections or versions of themselves, by offering a mirror, ultimately bring the performers back to themselves, richer from the experience.

Following the success of Body and Forgetting at the 2012 Dublin Dance Festival Liz Roche Company perform the full length work at The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage forming part of the Dance Ireland 21 - Made in Dublin programme, prior to the national tour..


‘A impressive multi-layered meditation on memory and identity’ - The Irish Times


Choreography: Liz Roche

Dancers: Justine Cooper, Alexandre Iseli, Liv O'Donoghue, Lucia Kickham | Film: Grant McLay, Jenny Roche, Justine Cooper

Composition: Denis Roche

Lighting: Sinead Wallace

Costume: Catherine Fay 

Film: Alan Gilsenan

DOP: Richard Kendrick


Body and Forgetting was developed with the support of Modul-dance, a pan-European dance mobility project and Dance Ireland.


Dublin Dance Festival 2012 opened with a double bill: Liz Roche Company Body and Forgetting (World Premiere) & Sarah Dowling The Wake.



Body And Forgetting - 2013 TrailerBody And Forgetting - Dublin Dance Festival 2012



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