Liz Roche's Wrongheaded




The company is back into the creative process again as rehearsals and filming have all begun on our new work Wrongheaded.

In Wrongheaded, Liz Roche brings together the fearless spoken word poetry of Elaine Feeney, the exquisite work of both film director Mary Wycherley and lighting designer Sinead Wallace and electrifying performances by dancers Sarah Cerneaux and Justine Cooper. All are gathered together in this intense mix of emotions and physicality to highlight the desperation and frustration that many Irish women feel today when it comes to the choices available to them regarding their bodies.

The work will be first shown at internationale tanzmesse nrw in Tanzhaus Dusseldorf on September 1st at 3.30pm in Studio 2, with the support of Culture Ireland. The piece then performs September 11th - 16th at Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival in Project Arts Centre at 7pm. We are sharing the evening with Hope Hunt by Oona Doherty.
Tickets €16/€14/€11



Afterwards Wrongheaded tours to Tipperary and Limerick:
October 13th Tipperary Dance Platform >>
October 20th Dance Limerick >>

Concept & Choreography: Liz Roche


Film: Mary Wycherley

Lighting Design: Sinead Wallace

Dancers: Sarah Cerneaux, Justine Cooper

Director of Photography: Eleanor Bowman

Music: Ray Harman

Film Producer: Zlata Filipovic
Photos: Ewa Figaszweska


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