Body and Forgetting - Liv O'Donoghue




Fast Portraits...a singular moment captured from diverse dancing perspectives.

Inspired by the realistic observations of the true human condition by artists Bill Viola and Caravaggio, Liz Roche explores the layers of emotion and memory that infuse captured images and transfer them into movement. The unleashing of the inherent, hidden human intensity creates complicated, life-affirming and sometimes surreal dialogues between the performers connecting them in ways previously unimagined.


This recent work from the award-winning choreographer Liz Roche features a specially commissioned score by composer Denis Roche and a short film piece directed by Project Arts Centre Artistic Director, Willie White produced with Project Arts Centre. Fast Portraits premiered in Dublin June 2011 and toured nationally.


2012 Fast Portraits was presented at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Tanzmesse.


Choreography: Liz Roche
Dancers: Philip Connaughton, Justine Cooper, Alex Iseli, Liv O’Donoghue, Katherine O’Malley
Original Score by Denis Roche
Lighting Design by Sinead Wallace
Costumes by Catherine Fay



Fast Portraits at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012