Time Over Distance Over Time



The premier of this work will take place alongside Katherine O'Malley's new work Bias as part of DUBLIN DANCE FESTIVAL. Performances 18th - 21st May 2016 at the Complex, Little Green Street Dublin 1.

Time Over Distance Over Time sees a cast of six performers wrestle with the physical and emotional distances they now encounter while living at opposite ends of the planet. Digital technology is the lifeline; but ultimately a poor substitute for the full presence of a person, standing beside you,understanding you not just from what you say but from the myriad of physical informationand messages that enhance our experience of each other. Working with an exceptional creative team who will be developing new interactive visual design, film, music and light compositions, the performers explore their constantly fragmenting and suspending physicality in relation to preserving their relationship to each other over distance and time.

The collaborating artists are based between Ireland and Australia:
Performers: Simone Litchfield, Grant McLay, Jenny Roche, Henry Montes, Rahel
Vonmoos, Liz Roche.
Choreography Liz Roche, Composition Ray Harman, Film and Sound Luca Truffarelli , Interactive Visual Design Jared Donovan , Light Design Aideen Malone, Set Consultant Paul O'Mahony


I admire machinery as much as any man, and am as thankful to it as any man can be for what it does for us. But, it will never be a substitute for the face of a man, with his soul in it, encouraging another man to be brave and true. Never try it for that. It will break down like a straw.” Charles Dickens


Liz Roche Company are delighted to have been awarded funding by Culture Ireland's I Am Ireland Centenary Programme 2016 in order to bring Liz Roche's new work Time over Distance Over Time to FORM Dance Project's Dance Bites Festival, Sydney and the Brisbane Powerhouse in June 2016. This follows the Dublin premiere of the work.

Time over distance over time is a co-production between Liz Roche Company and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane with presenting partners Live Collision Festival and Dublin Dance Festival. The piece will perform at FORM projects' Dance Bites Festival in Sydney June 22nd - 25th and Brisbane Powerhouse June 27th & 28th 2016 as part of the Culture Ireland Commemoration 2016 Programme.


Installation at Live Collision Festival in Project Arts Centre

Evidence of a piece that happened Time Over Distance Over Time

Dec 3rd 2016

A durational participatory dance, film and digital technology installation.

Time Over Distance Over Time was presented by Liz Roche Company at this years' Dublin Dance Festival. The piece was created with a cast and creative team living between Australia and Ireland and sought to capture experiences of emigration and the sense of fragmentation it causes as the full physicality of a loved one is often reduced to a voice down the phone or image on a screen. 

The piece is co-produced with Queensland University of Technology Brisbane and co-presented by Live Collision Festival who asked the company to present elements of the piece and the process involved in making a work of this nature for their most recent festival edition as part of the Project 50 celebration programme.


Liz Roche working with collaborating artists, videographer Luca Truffarelli, interactive visual designer Jared Donovan, composer Ray Harman and dancers Justine Cooper, Kevin Coquelard and Sarah Ryan presented these re-imagined elements over three hours in Project Arts Centre's Space Upstairs, inviting the audience to experience and participate in the work as it is now; abstracted from its original version while exploring the new meanings that this abstraction creates.


Luca Truffarelli has re-developed the film elements of the original piece to include footage from Rhizomes, a short film by made during the making of Time Over Distance Over Time by Liz Roche and Luca Truffarelli with members of Dublin Youth Theatre.


VIDEOS - Time Over Distance Over Time at The Complex | Time Over Distance Over Time at Brisbane Powerhouse Australia | Time Over Distance Over Time Promo

TODOT at Dublin Dance Festival 2016TODOT at Brisbane Powehouse AustraliaTODOT Promo

Culture Ireland's I Am Ireland Centenary Programme 2016

Photos: Luca Truffarelli